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Foster Parenting: Challenges and Rewards

Treatment foster parents are expected to: provide a safe and compassionate home; attend trainings, team meetings and child related appointments; develop cooperative relationships with school staff to facilitate academic and behavioral success; coordinate medical and dental care; document weekly progress made toward treatment goals; support contact with biological family when appropriate and approved by DHHS and work toward the permanency goals as determined by DHHS and the court. 

Treatment foster parenting also requires a significant commitment of time, energy and patience as well as the willingness to be understanding, empathetic and unconditionally nurturing.  Because being a treatment foster parent is demanding work, many resources are put in place to support foster parents.  Comprehensive pre-service training is provided as well as in-service trainings specifically tailored to address the complexities encountered in caring for children with serious emotional and behavioral challenges.  Treatment teams meet regularly to discuss progress or concerns and to offer support to the foster parents.  Foster parents, likewise, are very generous in offering support to one another and many offices within the agency have support groups that meet routinely.  Many who have provided treatment foster care have often said that one of the most significant benefits of fostering is the indescribable feeling of knowing that you are offering safety and a sense of belonging to a child who has perhaps never before experienced it.

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Treatment Foster Care Brochure

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Treatment Foster Care Brochure

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Treatment Foster Care Brochure

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